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Why do we have to show my insurance card at every visit?

Insurance ID numbers, group policy numbers change often and incorrect numbers will cause a billing issue resulting in the patient being held responsible. We compare and verify information at every visit to ensure we have to most current data and to protect you.
What is covered by my insurance?

This varies with each patient and the insurance plan they purchased. Always verify with your insurance carrier what benefits you have available to you. We will pre certify any procedure we are performing in our office but that does NOT include lab testing ordered by a provider.
Can I see any provider in the office?

Yes, we are on electronic health records so every provider has complete access to all your medical issues and medications.
What is Care Management for?

Our Care Managers do administrative work for our providers gathering your family history, social history, surgical history, medical history, verifying medications and monitoring the order of labs or procedures suggested/required by your insurance. This short intervention allows our providers to have more face to face time with you and addressing your health concerns.
Why do I have to be weighed and measured every time I come in?

Medications are very often prescribed on the basis of the weight of the patient. We also look for weight loss/gain that might be an indicator in your health. And current standards require us to record your BMI at each visit.
Why can't I discuss anything or get any medications during my “Annual Wellness Exam”.

Insurance companies are paying for the WELLNESS aspect of this appointment. It is a “preventative” exam. Any new issues or problems discussed and treated point to a “sick” visit and thereby void the “wellness” portion and the exam is no longer “free” to you.
When will my labs be back?

Lab results can take from 24 hours to 10 days to come back depending on the test. When the results are completed the provider reviews the and forwards comments to the medical assistant. We make every effort to notify you within 48 hours of getting the results. If it has been greater than 10 days PLEASE call our office.